My First Blog

Hey, I would like to introduce myself and share all of my knowledge on Action for film. 

My name is Philippe Deseck and I am a Stunt Actor/ Assistant Stunt Coordinator and would like to share the passion I have for Action Movies and everything related to the Movie Industry. 

Since a very young age I have had a love for movies, particularly action movies from Hong Kong. Since 1994 I have been actively involved in film, TV and radio whilst living in Thailand. My movie credits include Street Fighter where he was first introduced to stunt man Ronnie Vreeken, Operation Dumbo Drop and The Quest - where he met stunt man Alex Kuzelicki.

During the filming of these movies I had the pleasure of working with the Thai stunt coordinator Kawee 'Seng' Sirikanerat, who’s work on The Beach and Rambo IV is highly regarded. Having lived in Thailand for over 5 years, I trained in Muay Thai, Tae kwon Do and Thai weapon training.

After living in...

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