You don't have any Martial Arts experience but you want to perform your own  ACTION on set. Learn STUNT FIGHTING and start your journey to becoming a GREAT ON-SCREEN FIGHTER

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Why Stunt Fighting?

Increase your Action Skills and learn how to Stunt Fight like a Pro on Set.


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Check out all the powerful topics we'll dive into during our journey together.

WEEK 1: Welcome

  • Welcome
  • Intro


  • Distance
  • Eye Contact
  • Make Your Movements Big
  • Action = Reaction
  • Camera Angles
  • Open Yourself Up
  • Performance

WEEK 2: How to Punch for Camera

  • Jab - Left and Right Punch
  • Hook
  • Upper Cut
  • Punch to the Body
  • Elbow Strike

WEEK 3: Choreography Drills Punches

Choreography Drills are designed to work the left and right brain. Learn all the different drills which will improve your Timing, Rhythm and Choreography Skills.

WEEK 4: Choreography Drills Punches - Additional

This section gives you an idea of doing the Choreography Drills with someone who has never done them before.  It gives you a better perspective of how it makes you feel and how it could benefit you for learning Choreography in general. 

  • Ones with Brigette: This section gives you an idea of doing the Choreography Drills with someone who has never done them before.  
  • Fives with Brigette: In this section I take Brigette through the FIVES Choreography Drills. Again, Brigette has never done this before so you can see it from the eyes of a person doing them for the first time.
  • The Tricky Part of Fives Explained: Here we cover the tricky part of the FIVES Drill again
  • Chat with Brigette about Focus Training: 

    Here we chat briefly about staying in FOCUS when doing your Drills but without losing FOCUS of your surrounding and your environment. 

    It's about staying in focus when external elements are trying to un-focus you.

WEEK 5: How to Kick for Camera

Learn the skills of how to kick for camera.

WEEK 6: How to Kick for Camera - Additional

Here we go through the Kicking Basics again with Jason.

  • Basic Kicking with Jason
  • Kicking with Spacing: Keeping a right amount of space and distance between your partner is paramount when performing fight choreography. Using the kicking pads helps you to work on your spacing and keeping the right distance from each other.

WEEK 7: Wearing Protective Gear - Additional

  • Wearing Protective Chest Pads
  • Wearing a Kidney Belt

WEEK 8: Choreography Drills Kicks

  • Spacing, Timing and Rhythm are important factors when it comes to Choreography Kicks.
  • Combination Kicks and Punches: Here we take some of the Choreography Drills Punches we have learnt and combine them with the Choreography Drills Kicks.  You can make your own combinations which could be endless.

WEEK 9: Reactions

Learn reactions that will get you in front of the camera

WEEK 10: Steps in Teaching a Set Choreography

Learn in a short space of time how to put a fight sequence together.

WEEK 11: Adding Performance to a Set Choreography

Apply all that you have learnt and put a believable fight together. The same rules apply as in WEEK 10 but now we do it in character.

WEEK 12: Hong Kong vs Hollywood Filming Methods

What are the main differences between a Hollywood Action Scene and a Hong Kong Action Scene.

WEEK 13: What's in a Safety Bag?

What's in a Stunt Bag and what kind of protection pads will keep you safe.

WEEK 14: How to film a punch and a swinging kick

In this section we demonstrate three difFerent ways to film a punch and show you the tricks of the trade in how to film a Swinging Kick to the face, safely.

WEEK 15: An Interview with Ronnie and Mikey

I have a chat with seasoned Stunt Actors Ron Vreeken and Mikey Miller. In this interview I ask them how they got involved in the film industry and about their experiences working on different films.

WEEK 16 - Fitness in the Film Industry

I have a little chat to Mikey Miller about fitness in the film industry and what exercises are best suited for film work.

WEEK 17 - Suggestion Box

In our SUGGESTION BOX you can post any questions you have or put down any suggestions of things you would like to learn. 

STUNT FIGHT TV LIVE - Action Clips Explained

Stunt Fight TV LIVE - is brand new series where Action Director Philippe Deseck breaks down stunt fight scenes he has shot with his students and takes you through filming and performing tips from action scenes across the globe.


The entire course is drip fed over a period of 17 weeks. Every week you will receive a video or a series of videos showing you what it takes to become a great on-screen fighter.

There are 10 Modules with 4 Sub Categories and 4 Bonus Features.  You'll receive over 55 videos which is over 300 minutes of footage and we are constantly working on expanding those videos and providing you with more content in your Stunt Fighting Course.  

Every Module contains a PDF file and an audio file with a summary of that particular Module.

In addition, you'll also have direct access to me with the ability to leave comments for each lesson so you can ask any questions, leave any comments or even share your experiences.

You'll have support throughout the entire journey in my Private Facebook Group where you will be guided in your performance. Every week you must upload a video with your progress. We can all connect in our Private Facebook Group where you can comment on each others videos and lift each other up to the next level. It is also a great opportunity to share any information available in regards to work or anything in relation to the film industry.

You'll be supported the entire way.

What's In It For Me?

  • Able to Audition for Action Parts
  • Perform Stunt Fights Safely 
  • Better Your Chances of Getting Work
  • Communicate Better with the Director and Stunt Team
  • More Opportunity to get Repeat Work
  • Be Fit and Ready to take on Your Next Action Role

STILL ON THE FENCE - Testimonials


Why do you need to join this course?

It happens quite often that an Actor or a Stunt Performer gets called in to do a fight scene and they suddenly panic because they don't have the necessary skills or training in order to perform a simple fight scene.

I have been working in the film industry for over 25 years and have seen many people come and go. In my day it was very difficult to know where to train or what to do in order to become a Stunt Performer or Stunt Actor.  Compared to today, information on the internet was very scarce. Nowadays, we have the possibility to learn any skill you desire through the internet, but many people still lack the necessary skills in order to perform certain tasks. 

With Stunt Fighting For Professional Actors we take it beyond the basic skills and will give you the necessary support, guidance and confidence for when you perform your first fight scene on set.  What we teach includes over 25 years of experience in one course. How do you make a punch look powerful? How do you keep yourself and your partner safe when performing? How do you perform a fight scene and don't lose focus on your character part?  How do you adjust your spacing, rhythm and timing to suit the scene? How do you show professionalism on set and get asked to work on the next job?  It is not just about the physicality but also about how you conduct yourself on set.

Inside Stunt Fighting For Professional Actors I'll teach you...

Ways of getting the best performance out of YOU

  • How to feel confident performing skills you never thought possible
  • How to work as a team 
  • How to make your opponent feel safe so they can perform to the best of their ability
  • How to open lines of communication so YOU can perform in a safe manner
  • How to tap into your partner's energy so it does not feel awkward performing a fight scene with someone you have never worked with before



Q: I have no Martial Arts skills, can I still do this course?

A: Yes, being a great on-screen fighter and being a great Martial Artis are two different things.  On-screen fighting requires a different set of skills you can learn without having any Martial Arts experience.

Q: I live on the opposite side of the world, can I still do this course?

A: Yes, the course is purely ONLINE and you can assess this course from wherever you are in the world.

Q: I am a busy bee, can I take this course at my own pace?

A: Of course! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to this training so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in Buenos Aires, LA, London or Shanghai,  no matter where you are in the world you will have access to the course and I will guide you at your own pace. 

Q: Do I need to find a partner to pair up with?

A: Yes, you will need a partner to pair up with.  The beauty of finding a partner is that you can split the costs making it much cheaper for yourself.

Q: What payment plan works best for me?

A: There are 3 payment plans. 

  • The STANDARD PAYMENT PLAN where you make the biggest savings.
  • The 2 PARTNERED PAYMENT PLAN which will get you easily started up.
  • The 3 PARTNERED PAYMENT PLAN which will give you the full experience.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

A: I will simply give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase. I am very confident that if you start this course you will get the most out of it.  I will work hard in making you the best performer you can be and once you see your results on the silver screen it will blow your mind away. 

Q: Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, after the first month you can cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked.

Q: Where do I post my progress videos?

A: You will get access to a Private Facebook Page where you can post your progress videos.  In the Private Facebook page I will comment and guide your way to success.  We can all comment and lift each other up to the next level.  I am a big believer of reaching out and pulling people up and that is what I want all of my students to adopt as well.  We will not tolerate derogative comments and will only focus on constructive comments that will lift each other up. 

Q: What if I have any questions about the film industry?

A: I will answer any question I can and will give you an honest answer.  We are all here to support each other.

Who is Philippe Deseck?

Philippe has been involved in the Film Industry for over 25 years and has worked on a variety of productions as a Stunt Performer from Street Fighter in 1995 to currently Aquaman (2018). Philippe has also been a Stunt Fight Instructor at the New York Film academy and his skills have also taken him behind the camera as an Action Director/Assistant Stunt Coordinator/Choreographer/Cameraman and Film Editor.

Some of the Movies Philippe has worked on:

The Results Philippe's Students are Getting:

"Philippe is an extremely knowledgeable, kind, and patient teacher. His passion for what he does shines through his detailed explanations and thorough demonstrations. I felt safe and comfortable to try new moves, reassured that I had an experienced trainer behind me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Philippe and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to further their training – from absolute beginner to professional. Thanks Philippe! "

Karrell Andree

"I was coached by Philippe Deseck whilst training at the New York Film Academy in 2015. He has years of knowledge and experience in the industry and during my studies he was patient, attentive and his passion for the craft always shone through. Stage combat is an important aspect in film making and I learnt so much under Philippe's guidance. I highly recommend this course to all aspiring actors and stuntman."

Indigo Parer

Bonus Features

Check out our Bonus Features...

How to Film a Punch

Discover three ways of filming a punch that makes you look professional


Interviews with seasoned professionals and find out how they got into the Film Industry

How to Film a Swing Kick

Discover how to Film a Swing Kick you would NOT believe


Learn how to apply all of the above and do it all over again the next day...SAFELY


Enjoy the Behind the Scenes of our "Stunt Fighting for Professional Actors" Online Course .

What makes Stunt Fight School Stand out?

The problem with most Stunt Fighting Schools is that they focus too much on fighting skills that look real. What they seem to forget is that in order to make moves look real you have to perform them in an unreal fashion.

There are many ways to throw a punch and usually it's the one that feels unnatural that works the best for camera. It is important to adjust your moves to the eye of the camera and not look at Stunt Fighting as a particular style of fighting but look at Stunt Fighting as MOVEMENT which needs to be adapted to suit the eye of the camera.

Many great performers don't just see themselves as Stunt Fighters but see themselves as FILMMAKERS who happen to know Stunt Fighting. Changing your perspective and thinking in a VERTICAL manner will excel your path the becoming a great on-screen performer.

"Philippe’s dedication to his craft and the film industry, paired with his endless patience, professionalism and experience, makes him an incredible stunt teacher and coach for any actor looking to improve and expand their action skillset. Philippe not only helps you improve your fight skills and technique but all aspects of your stunt work including character movement, timing, reaction, cheating to camera.. the list goes on! Philippe always makes training fun and exciting and moves through at a steady pace, allowing you pick up the movements and choreography with ease, producing an amazing end result! If you are someone hoping to break into the action movie scene but you’re not sure where to start, do this course and you’ll be kicking butt in no time!"

Chantal Elyse

"Working with Philippe was always so much fun! He broke down stunt movements so they were easy to pick up. At first I was scared and would psych myself out of doing the even the simplest of moves..but because his directions were clear, I was able to do perform the fights necessary! This made filming so much more exciting! I got to front flip into the water, fight with katana sticks and best of all I felt like Jackie Chan."

Stephanie Kutty

Pictures of Philippe On Set .

Some of the Results my Students are Getting


If you decide Stunt Fight School isn't for you, no worries, we offer a full refund within 30 days of your purchase price. 

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  • Membership Access to Action Movie Makers Training Courses
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  • Membership Access to Action Movie Makers Training Courses
  • Feedback on your progress
  • Monthly Zoom Calls
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